Who are we ?

ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation was given the status of nonprofit organization and public-benefit foundation in 2008. 
Its main objectives are to :
  • Spread the Institute at both national and international levels,
  • Support new teaching methods and initiation research projects, 
  • Allow investment in new aeronautics and space technologies, more innovative and in line with the principles of sustainable development,
  • Encourage the creation of young and creative companies,
  • Promote engineering among secondary school students.

The campaign

We undertook our Campagne "Donnons des ailes à leur passion" in 2011 in order to finance projects which can contribute to the development of the Institute at the higher world level in terms of research and higher education in the aerospace field.

We support broad and various objectives that serve ISAE-SUPAERO highest priorities in order to meet the Institute's unique opportunities and aspirations to become one of the world's top Institute in terms of research and higher education in the aerospace field.
Our ambition is to collect € 40 million to support the students, the faculty, academics chairs and to enhance our campus with new infrastructures such as a Learning Centre.

Every euro we receive grows exponentially. It touches the people and projects we directly support, but also every student, every faculty, and every member of our community.